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Expiration (or born on) Dates on tires, anybody heard of such a thing ?

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One of the local TV stations brought this up, I did not hear the story, but found the following:

From that article:
Volkswagen AG, BMW AG, Toyota Motor Co.p. and Mercedes-Benz warn U.S. consumers about aging tires.

In its owner's manuals, Volkswagen warns motorists that old tires can fail in use, causing loss of vehicle control and personal injury. They are advised to replace tires after six years, regardless of wear.

The tires on my SLK will 'never' last six years, I drive it often and hard enough so that they wear way before that. Car is going on being 8 yrs young, and I am on the 3rd set of tires. BUT I do often keep mismatched tires in the garage to keep as temp spares, if needed, while waiting a day or two or for ordered 'tires'. I even kept 2 of the Mich Pilot Sports from the SLK for 'temp' spares. They had enough tread on them to be 'legal' in PA, but not enough to track the car last summmer.

I understand that some tires already it, but it is NOT a 'easily' readable date.
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Please delete this thread, I meant to edit it, and somehow resent it (corrected), as new.
I have never heard of anything like this with the exception of "dryrot"(decay). I have never heard of dryrot occuring except on unused rubber products. To my knowledge this occurs most often on items in storage.

My 320 was delivered in 3/01 but has only 19,500 miles. The tires are in excellent shape and show no sign of dryrot.
I have personnally seen dryrot on a set of tires..

A couple of years ago, my Dad bought a 96 OLDs with 20,000 orignal miles on it. The tires has plenty of tread on them, but you could see "crack's" in the compound, sidewalls AND the tread area.
Anyone know how to find out the manufacture date on existing tires?
According to the local TV station that aired this last night, you can tell when tires were made.

"You can try to figure out how old your tires are. Every tire has a code issued by the Department of Transportation. Look for the letters DOT. The last three or four digits of the code that follows indicate the week and year the tire was made.

Before January 1, 2000, the year was indicated by only one digit so for instance, a tire with this code could have been made in 1989 or 1999. Tires produced after 2000 have four-digit dates codes."
One catch, some Tire Makers put the DOT code on the inside of the tire.
RE: One catch, some Tire Makers put the DOT code on the inside of the tire.

Thanks, I found the date. It was a 4 digit number (2704) after the DOT. It looks like my tires are almost brand new and must have been replaced as part of the StarMark service.
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