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1994 S420
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Any update. My vacant spots had fuses too. I removed them and now can't remember which ones go where. Thanks for the 19 and 27 spot fuse ratings. Curious on trailer towing device meaning.
Thanks syljua, i read the paper its amazing:eek:

Its just like chess game :)

Check the Photo.
The first one is for the Trunk, 2nd for the one under the hood.

There is something in my connection i well upload the images later

The one under the hood had both languages English and German, but the one in the trunk is only in German, so until i translate it i cross check every single FUSE with the paper and here is what i got;)

Here are my Notes:

1- Location (19) i should have it VACANT, but instead i have the (brown 7.5A) FUSE.
2- Location (27) (which indicated (trailer towing device)?? what is that ?)is VACANT, it should have the (white 25A) FUSE.

Else then this mine is as the paper.

So i want to make changes, but i am little bit scared i do something wrong.

Any Technician Advice :)
21 - 21 of 21 Posts