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Here are some pics of the new exhaust I got done at Pro Speed. I went for the single and am very glad I did - the dual would have been too much for me. The tail pipes are not the ones I asked for - one of the guys fitted them to another car not knowing they were reserved for me but I have the option of changing them if I want once they have more in. These ones look better than I expected though so I may even keep them.

Other than the tail pipe slip up the service was top notch. They have given me exactly what I wanted. The sound is superb. A real nice note which sounds awesome when you put you foot down but not too loud and totally silent inside the van when cruising down the motorway. Pretty sure performance has been improved too.

I would have liked the pipes cut further into the bumper but it's not possible on these vans unfortunately.

Oh, and price was £330 (I think so anyway, maybe slightly more or less). I could have had it done cheaper elsewhere but I'm glad I got it done where I did. I would very much recommend Pro Speed. If anyone does go there, tell Charlie you saw my (Jon's) post about the exhaust he did for me and he should do you a good deal.

And one other thing... How big a problem does the rust under the van look? I'm going to get it all cleaned off and waxoyled - should it last a while then? Is there anything else I could do?


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