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I’ve been missing the beautiful noise my ML55 use to make so I had to do something with this quite monster.
I removed the resonator first, and then I’ve fitted some what I call, back pressure bypass pipes. It has worked out way better than I imagined. While cruising at highway speed it’s actually quieter than what it was. But a soon as you put your boot into it, it comes to life like the beast it is. It now has an awesome note to it under hard acceleration but whisper quite at normal driving.
What I’ve done is cut a 2” round hole in the exhaust at 90 degrees to the 3” pipe just before the muffler. I then welded a 2” to 1”&1/2 cone reducer perfectly fitted to the 3” pipe so there was no intrusion into the main exhaust pipe. It then has an 1”1/2 pipe running around into the back of the exhaust tips.
So as soon as the exhaust gets any back pressure it gets diverted through the 1”1/2 pipe. The sounds is as good as any high performance muffler around. It’s probably illegal to do it but so is everything else we do these days. Not really sure about whether it made it perform any better because I put an 84kw tune in it at the same time. So between the 2 of them it’s definitely going quicker than a stock 500. I’m loving this ML.

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