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Exhaust Manifold

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Mine's cracked so it's time for a replacement.

The car is an '86 190E Auto. The Supplier says that I need to check the Engine Number which is supposed to be between the Head and Block on the Driver's side, toward the Front of the Engine. There are supposed to be two different Engine Numbers with a different Manifold for each Engine Number:

Engine #: 10-036977
Engine #: 12-081513

I found the Engine Serial Number that is located at the lower Block area, but I can't find the Engine Number.

Any ideas? (The Existing Manifold is Split into two to go into the two Downpipes).


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Bought it at GermanStar. Great Company!. They knew what I needed. Got the Gaskets too.

Bought it at GermanStar. Great Company!. They knew what I needed. Got the Gaskets too.

The Manifold was easy to get off. I soaked the Nuts with Penetrating Oil, turned the Engine ON for a while to heat up the Manifold/Nuts, turned the Engine Off and (without burning my hands), gently loosened the Head to Manifold Nuts. A couple of the Studs came out with the Nuts but these were just threaded back in when I replaced the Manifold.

The Manifold to Exhaust Pipe was a bit harder. Had to Jack the car up (and with lots of Jack Stands), I was able to get the Bolts out with a couple of very long 3/8" Extentions. You will need these. Also soaked them overnight with lots of Penetrating Oil.

To get them back in, I dabbed them in some heavy grease, and started them back in by hand. You can't start them with the Socked Extension. You'll end up mis-threading and stripping the insert. You will need a very small hand to get up in there to get the Bolts Started.

Also, the Top Nuts on the Manifold were removed with a long Socket and the one's under with a wrench.

Overall, not too bad. About two hours. (Including finding my various Sockets that my kid has been using).

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