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W140 Mercedes 500 SE, 1992, European, 410.000 km
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spraying a brake cleaner directly onto the exhaust manifold (into its center, thus near cylinders 2&3 and 6&7) caused stalling of engine. after releasing the 8 of 11 screws on each bank and after tightening of these screws the engine does not react any more on spraying of brake cleaner onto exhaust manifold.

1. does anybody believe me this ... because two mechanics specialized on exhaust systems do not believe me?

2) did I really solve the problem with the retightening the screws (16 of 22 because I cannot reach all of them) or I should change the manifold gasket and grind the "flat" surface on the manifold?

3) can bad contact between manifold and engine head affect my non-perfect idle? (as one can see replacing of vacuum hoses did not completely cure my saga with rough idle).:crybaby2:

there is no signs of burns arround or on the manifold. in addition, no strange noises except extremely soft "paf-paf-paf" near cylinder 8.
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