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I own a 1983 Mercedes 28OCE which was bought in France, which I believe originally came from Germany. I have done some research that confirms it is a 280CE although I don't think I can get the original engine size from the VIN? I think that it now has a 2.3 litre engine but am not sure. Can anybody help me from the following:

VIN no WDB12305312028142

Engine no R 110 016 19 01

Many thanks

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Here's a list of everything on your W123

Model280 CE
Engine110988 12 017870
Transmission722309 02 331005
Order0 - 229 50574
Approx. year1980
DealerStuttgart branch
(229) Interiorfabric pine green
(056) Paint876cypress green metallic (с 01.01.1975 по 31.12.1986, с 1994)
410electric sliding roof (с 01.03.1965 по 29.02.1988)
420automatic transmission, floor shift (с 01.01.1963)
466central locking system (с 01.04.1970 по 31.10.1993)
504outside rear view mirror, right, electrically adjustable (с 01.11.1978 по 29.02.1986)
outside rear view mirror, right, electrically adjustable (l.h.d.)
taxi version, f.r.g, and outside rear view mirror on the right
536interference suppression without radio set and mechanically operated antenna (с 01.01.1970 по 31.07.1997)
590heat-insulating glass, all-around, heated rear window pane (laminated glass), Germany
green heat-insulating glass all round, heated rear window, laminated safety glass - Germany (с 01.01.1972)
640aluminium disc wheels with radial-ply tires (с 01.10.1969 по 31.12.1989)
656Michelin tires (с 01.08.1965 по 31.10.1989)
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