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Ex-Mubarak (Egy-Presidential Fleet Car) 1988 560 SEL

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Hello Benz World,

A while back we got our first W126, a nice catch one would say, but Im fearing overloaded electronics that have been not used for years might prove tricky. As it has quite a few additions. The 560 was sold in an auction coming out of the Egyptian Presidential fleet. with only 51,000 KM on the clock. It now has 86K and counting. We also have a W109 280 SEL in the family. Recently sold a W114 280E and used to have a W116 280 SEL (US Spec)

Radiator changed, fan clutch, hoses, tires, had a sticky rocker but now better after a few oil changes. I cleaned all fuses and electric connectors and sensors. Brakes revised and changed oil. Did not clean the fuel lines or tank, which is our next part of the story.

Allow me to kindly ask, what are the weak-points that one should looks after?, as the car was parked for years since the time of Mubarak till we acquired it and began driving it again just a few years ago.

Is this normal RPM at 100 KPH ? One would think 1800 RPM and not 2150-2200. (Diff. ratios?)

Ah and if you happen to speak German it would surely help :grin Trip computer needs translation, Danken

Chassis # WDB1260391A374646 X
Engine # 117968 12 040050


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- Thank you @mclare, an English version would be very useful.
- Thank you @bondavi. Do both diffs fit on the same (gearbox) gear ratio setup? Not that I will ever change its original diff, but its always good to know what parts are interchangable and simply bolt on. I did not come near the timing belt or its tensioners, I lend a good ear to every cold start and never heard and noises from the chain yet. Heard that some service or change the chain as well as tensioners at 100k miles or 160k km, the car is half way to 160k km at the moment. I recently changed oil and filter, and made sure to turn the engine a few times with the ignition coil cable dissconnected to get the fresh oil running around the engine.
- Thank you @magicbigdaddy. Much appreciated. Yes, life would have been alot easier if it was in English, I wonder if the TC ever came in English? Thank for the RPM tip first time to notice it.

Sadly at the moment the car is parked under our beach house on the North coast of Egypt by the Medditeranean Sea, a bad batch of fuel made me leave her there. Going tomorrow morning with new filters and hoses, copper washers, distributer filter, clean fuel, my tool box and my old school mechanic friend to fix her and bring her back.
I plan to clean the fuel tank completely and the fuel lines till the main feed line distributer filter. I hope I wont need to take out every single injector to clean it, and alter to an easier option, although I am ready to do so if needed.

The car originally had Hydraulic rear shock absorbers which controled the height, there is a button on the dash which sadly does nothing at the moment. Im guessing with extra big guns in the trunk and 7 feet tall body guards it would have been useful. Otherwise one cannot guess the use of such an option on a presidential fleet car that was used by official visits, diplomats and probably body guards. One should mention that its original springs are stiffer than normal as per order sheet, although I dont feel any stiffness. Any ideas? Returning it to originality is the plan, but a long term one.
Wish us luck for tomorrow.
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Thank you. Will have some German speaking freinds help translate. Highly appreciated.
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