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2002 C240 + 2001 SLK
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Does anybody know where I can find the english version of the book, "Everything about the Mercedes-
Benz C Class" by Christof Vieweg? I bought the German
version from because that was the only one on the net I could find. I have called 5 dealerships around the country,,, they think I'm imagining this book. I called the MBZ 800 number in New Jersey, they too think I need a brain scan... I did see this book in Germany at the factory gift shop last year in English. I should have bought it, but I didn't.
I have called the gift shop, and they don't seem to understand me and vice versa... Any help greatly
(BTW) This book is a must have for anyone who owns a 203 C Class. The pictures are incredible! I just wished I could read the text.)
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