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Evaporative Emissions fault -S420

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I have 1997 S420. the vacuum line running from the purge valve has broken. I cannot find where it attaches to the engine. Alldata says at the EA/CC/ISC actuator which is located underneath the mass airflow sensor. Went to Mb dealer and ordered new line. Cannot find the nipple to plug line into at the engine. Looked at the post for the s600 but hoses are different and there are two purge valves. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Engine performance is rough and I have the 0455 fault. It is definitely a broken vacuum line. Just no documentation on where to fasten the end not attached to the purge valve.
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Thanks ISS

Thank you for the last diagram on the right. I had the other two which had not helped. the last one actually showed what was missing on my car and I was able to go to the dealer and get four parts that fixed the problem. turns out there was a Y shaped rubber piece missing that connected the purge valve to the intake manifold. where it disappeared to I do not know. I think the guy who rewired the engine didn't know what to do with it so he just unplugged the hose and made it disappear. Car runs substantially better and no more evaporative emission faults. Thanks for all the help.
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