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I've been working on this complete lift kit for quite some time now. I noticed nobody on the market had a complete kit that " Properly" Lifted a W463 chassis higher than 3 inches. As you may no and if you dont know. When lifted a G over 2-3 inches drastically changes the caster angle on the front end. This results in poor handling and unsafe highway steering control. We developed this complete kit to account for all these variables. After many hours of testing and development this is what we came up with!
You can now easily run 35" tires on your G class with optional wheel spacers or proper wheel offset.

Items developed in the kit include

-100mm Lift coil springs
-40mm Coil spring spacers
-Front Radius arms
-Fox adjustible shocks
-Fox adjustible front steering stabilizer
-Extended brake lines
-Adjustable front and rear panhard bars
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