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We already have some benzes registered, I'd like to see some more. :) maybe some w123 or w126? ;) All euro makes are of course welcome!

June 14th 2008, Old Grainbelt Brewery in Minneapolis, MN

Website is live! Registration is live! It's a go

Eurowerks 2008 - Registration, RSVP, and General Information

Most pertinent information can be found on the site here:

Eurowerks 2008 - forums

other information and questions can be found in that thread. We'd love to help clarify any questions you may have...

Here is a brief explanation of the classes, it is on the site as well:

You register for the class your car debuted in. So example:

BMW E30's came out in the 80's, but continued production into the 90's. You would register in the 80's class. VW MKIV's came out in the late 90's, so they would be competing in the 90's class. MKV's the 00's class and etc... Roger? This will create a cultural singularity in the class competition, and keep old school from competing with brand new cars, creating a competition structure that is fair, unique, and competitive.

The Royalty Class is Essentially the best of class show. The big dogs that want to go for the big trophy should enter here. If you enter this class, you are not entered in your generation class. You will be competing with other cars of any era that choose to be in this class. This will keep the best of all classes competing with each other and even the field a bit more for those not in the Royalty class. If you remember anything from last year, you know the trophy is some serious business, and well worth winning.

There will be many misc classes to win as well... you will learn what those are the day of the show.

Registration is capped! The site will let you know when pre-registration is getting close to full. We are saving some spots for the day of the show, but don't bet the house on earning a spot by being the last one there.
Parking spots are first come first serve, and some are better than others.

We hope to see you there, and lets try and keep this thread positive. Any criticisms or personal questions can be sent to me via IM


More Classes!

Slammed Award, going to the lowest car. We aren't talking bodywork either here folks. Frame down!

Mr Clean, going to the best detailed exterior.

Best Interior, going to to the cleanest, most creative, and cohesive interior.

Best Stereo, going to the cleanest, best installed, and well integrated in car entertainment setup.

Running Man Award, this award goes to the individual who drove the longest to be here. Nothing shows true enthusiast spirit than driving hundreds or thousands of miles to roll a show.

Peoples Choice Award, this award obviously is chosen by you, the folks, your favorite car...

Eurotuner will be there as well to cover the event.

first place from last year:

this years location:

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