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99 E320
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[?]I have an e320 and want to + the rim size.

My research has indicated that going beyond an 18 on this car is not recommended.

I will be keeping the Stock 16 set for winter driving.

2 Questions:

I have been looking at a Website that makes knock-off benz wheels they have rims for MB and BMW, do any of you have experience with this vendor.

In looking for a low cost tire the Hancook brand keeps popping up. Who manufactures this tire? Any safety concerns? I expect to be putting new summer sneakers on about every 3 years.

Also my calculations tell me to keep stock for speedo and anti-lock I need to have 235/40/18 is this correct

I would also like to nail down the offset to ensure they are providing the appropriate offset.
Thanks for your Thoughts
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