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European head light

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I figured you guys may be able to help me or point me to a right direction. Do any one happen to have a passanger side marker lens for an european model 450 sl W 107 body (amber color lens) that they don't want or want to sell? I had these lights deleverd from germany via a friend and when he shipped them to me post office did me a favor by breaking the lens of the turn signal and the headlight. Head light lens has been replaced thanks to A&F auto parts in Oakland, Ca. But they can not get me the side marker lens. I was looking forward to put these lights on my car but now I have to wait until I can find the darn lens.

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yes, if you get the chance please look for it, I need the right side. Thanks
thanks to strif2 web site address, my car looks like the day that it came off of the assembly line (at least on the headlight part). The european headlights look great and only cost me about $300 (no refund from the post office yet. Any way now I have to whatch out for stones on the road, but it was worth it.
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