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European Bumper inserts...again...sorry kinda confused

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K guys...well I've been talkin to Jerry at you know where, and he has one set of the inserts left and we've been trying to work something out with getting them painted. Anyways...he doesnt think they'll work on my car, as doesn't have part numbers for it...

I have a 2003 SLK320 NON-sport. On ( at the bottom of the page it only has part numbers for 2002 AMG and sport model SLKs. But didn't ALL sport SLKs have the little orange side marker built into the bumper??? And arent the bumper inserts the same on the 320 and the 32??? I'm confused. Basically, could anyone help me get a part number for the whole european bumper insert, not just the painted reflector. Thanks in advance guys.
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Based on the parts list for the non-sport 2004 SLK the part numbers are as follows.

170 885 03 21 (Left)
170 885 04 21 (Right)

The Mercedes dealer should have both european and non european versions listed in the computer. Iv'e been given the choice when ordering parts before.
Since the Magma Red paint code is DB586 the part numbers should read

170 885 03 21 9586
170 885 04 21 9586

I hope this helps.
thanks cmorosco.....don't you have the painted lense inserts though??? I need the whole bumper insert. Are you sure these are the right part numbers...cause I'll call my dealer first and then try to get them from I don't have to pay for shipping. [}:)]
thanks cmorosco.....don't you have the painted lense inserts though???
Yes, I bought the painted lenses but only because my bumper is all one peice. There isn't a seperate insert on the non Sport pre 2k model.

The part numbers I found are from the part list I have. I'd ask the dealer first to make sure those are the EU parts and not the US versions. They should be able to give you the EU part number if they are the US versions. They did it for me for other parts I ordered.
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