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On the 17th of September 2005 we organize for the first time in SloveniaTHE FIRST INTERNATIONAL EURO TUNING AND STYLING INDOOR CAR SHOW called »BE THE ONE«.
The intention of this show is to introduce foreign rebuilt cars in Sloveniaand at the same time the best Slovenian rebuilt cars, because the styling inour country is in the primary state. As you probably know the interest for this kind of cars is bigger every day and it is the same in Slovenia.We notice bigger inquiry every day and every year which explains bigger interest in every show.
Because of that we decided to organize a meeting and a competitionon the European level, which should be independent on weather condition and it will take place in Red Hall in Velenje (not far from Ljubljana, our capital).
The Red hall has possibility to place cars in two floors. The first floor is 1500 m2big, the second floor is 1600 m2 big, so altogether we have 3100 m2 of operable area. After collecting information about same interesting places we decided todo it here. The placement and location is ideal for us.We expect about 5000 – 10000 visitors from Slovenia and abroad.

So please visit where you will find a lot of more information.Let me just tell you that 1.reward will be 1000 EUR!!!
Please visit

See ya.
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