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Euro headlight

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Can someone put the picture of the wiring from the 4 pin to 6 pin plug? I remembered it was discussed before, but I can't find that thread [:(]
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How do you do it? What's the orginal color wires on the 4 pins?
Where do you get The Euro headlights? I have a 1980 300CD I love the way they look.
If you're going to go for the European kind, the square ones, try eBay.

The OEM headlight are Bosch, but Hella makes them too. There are ones on eBay, that are aftermarket, made my TYC or this other brand (forgot the name). People said they're good, but not as good as the German counterparts.

Unless you're willing to invest in new German headlights, old ones should serve you well. (It's like buying a used car).
If you have the money:

These three are the heavy-hitting ones (brand new and original Bosch or Hella--I forgot which ones)

Yes, Ebay has those ones. Depo is the other brand aside from TYC but both are Taiwan made I think. Not sure if the reflectors are metal though, check first as the bulbs might melt the plastic.
Schmohey - 3/2/2005 10:49 PM

How do you do it? What's the orginal color wires on the 4 pins?
It's quite easy to take the connectors apart and move the pins to the proper spots. The colors are the same. If you don't have 6 pin connectors, get a pair of tail light connectors -- they work just fine.
The left is the old and the right color is new?
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