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I am looking for some responses to the reason MB won't do Euro-delivery on AMG and hard to get models. I am under the impression that there are scheduling/production conflicts. Please let me know if you know of a way I can have my cake and eat it too. I would like to put a deposit down on an AMG32 but also do Euro-delivery. Are there dealers that specialize in this sort of thing? This item posted on the SLK board as well as one or two others. Any help greatly appreciated.
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You might try this outfit: they may be able to arrange for you to buy Euro spec car and then do a gr

Barry M. Taylor Enterprises<br>P:510-235-3990<br>F:510-235-3998<p>They advertise in the Star, "we have been importing and converting autos from Europe since 1976"<p>I am trying for Euro delivery too.<br>My dealer hasn't said no yet, but has said not likely.<p>Good Luck!
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