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Euro bumpers & headlights SL vs SLC

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Could please tell me whether the Euro bumpers & Euro headlights of the SLC are any different from the ones of the SL?
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There is a difference between RHD and LHD headlights.
The difference is only in the lens, right?
The reason I ask is, the ROTW lights on my car came from Australia, a RHD market. Fotografa told me they were wrong for my car because of the lenses. I researched the Bosch knowledge website (when it was working) and downloaded everything they had for R/C107 headlights. I did find different order numbers for the lenses. Foto was right but I can't see the impact when I drive my car at night.
Will do. Back when I was concerned about it, I made up this reference sheet (attached). LHD lens parts are on it. We are curious to see RHD lens numbers and possible reflector difference.


1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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