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Euro 560sec widest tire

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When I bought my sec it had 245/45/17 tires on chrome Mercedes double five spoke wheels. Those wheels are in real good shape but I bought some Lorinser RS90 wheels and now am wondering if I should be ok with 245/50/17. V Rated Continental on it. I’m under the impression that the 86 560SEC option 822 has the wider front fenders. Could someone confirm this. thanks in advance for any and all advise/suggestions.

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245/45 or 235 45 are correctish size for fronts, 265/275 40 for rear
i have 235/45 on my cars I like it a little better for steering feel. 265 rear is ideal, but harder to find. I ended up with 275 but its worked out fine. I dont mind some fatty tires nowadays. 255 is smaller diam and looks more rubberband ish
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