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Euro 560sec widest tire

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When I bought my sec it had 245/45/17 tires on chrome Mercedes double five spoke wheels. Those wheels are in real good shape but I bought some Lorinser RS90 wheels and now am wondering if I should be ok with 245/50/17. V Rated Continental on it. I’m under the impression that the 86 560SEC option 822 has the wider front fenders. Could someone confirm this. thanks in advance for any and all advise/suggestions.

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The stock tire size on the SEC is 205/65-15. It has an overall diameter of 25.5". The car's speedometer is calibrated on the stock tires. So any deviation from that diameter will cause the speedometer to either understate or overstate the actual speed. The 245/45-17 tire has an overall diameter of 25.6" which is pretty close to stock. The 245/50-17 diameter is too far off at 26.6". If your car is lowered on shorter springs, clearance will be an issue.

For 17x8 rims ET11, AMG recommends 235/45-17 all around OR 235/45-17 for the front and 255/40-17 for the rear.

For 17x8.5 ET18-Front: 245/45-17 and 17x10 ET17-Rear: 275/40-17.
This car has 255/45-17 with a diameter of 26". The tire size you're asking 245/50-17 is way too big.

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