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A few days ago during our first cold day in Houston I started my 1996 S600 and had the ESP and EPC lights on. Without moving the car I stopped and restarted with no more lights. Everything ran fine the rest of the week.

Yesterday there was another cold snap. I started the car this morning and the ESP and EPC lights were back on and would not clear with cycling the ignition. When I drove I noticed immediately it was in limp mode. I drove maybe a half mile and brought it back to switch cars. After the S600 sat for about three hours I came back and restarted it with no lights. I drove it to run some light errands during which there were three ignition cycles with no further issue.

Has anyone else experienced a similar problem with their W140 when the temp drops. In my case it was around 45 F this morning vs 70 F when I drove it last on Wed.
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