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Hi I'm extremely sorry if I'm reposting but I've STFS and haven't found too many things related to my esp,srs,bas and abs errors.

I know its a lot to read but please help

A few months ago I decided to buy an hid kit for my 02 c230. So I bought a cheap one online(new) for like 90 bucks and installed it myself. A few days later I received these errors. I went to my local shop a billion times and my mechanic cleared the codes and told me to put the stock lights back in. So I did so. I believed the hid kit wasn't good enough or something. My brother who has a 06 bmw 550 ordered his hids from a trusted seller on the e60 forums and so he suggested me to. I did so( keep in mind no compalins were mentioned from anyone who bought the kit from him) these I could tell were top notch. I installed them and BAM same damn errors back again. So then I thought maybe the placement of one of the ballast was setting of the error. I had taped the ballast(yes taped lol, but it was pretty sturdy) to a mechanism that said esp on it(traction control right?)

Is it possible that the placement of the ballast has anything to do w. The errors? I also read about people saying a sensor may have been damaged in their wheels or something to do with steering. Now I didn't notice that my car does start vibrating at 80mph because I guess of something in the wheel(maybe a bent axel?)

Please I am begging pleasssee let me know any solution...ANY….. I KNOW ITS A LOT TO READ BUT PLEASSE HELP
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