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ESM Solder joints. Need to send it out.

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Hello, I need a referral to a company/group I can send the shifter to so that the ESM board can be resoldered. The shifter won't go back into neutral and park from Drive. Have to use the parking brake, not the main pedal. Also, keyless go won't cooperate as it says must be in park in red, when it is in park.

2007 SL550

Thanks in advance.
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Are you certain this is a malfunction of the electrical part of the shift mechanism? I don’t think that there are any electrical inhibitors that stop the unit going from drive to neutral. I am familiar with the 2003 to 2005 cars, so the 2007 may be different, but I don’t think so.
I see, the shifter is mechanically in park, but the sensor says it’s in drive.
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