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error code 7200 on benz ml320 year 2000

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I have noticed this code has been there recently and wondering what it is so i can get it fixed before winter hits!
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Perhaps a faulty speed sensor is causing your BAS/ESP light. (That would be code P0720.)
The service indicator reads distance or time until next service is due. After it counts down to zero it goes minus.

Have you reset your steering angle sensor yet? If not, why not?

A light read through your owner's manual is well overdue.
Look up ESP in the index, and it will direct you to a page with instructions on how to reset the steering angle sensor, and turn off your ESP warning light.

In this case, ESP doesn't mean your ML has read your mind and knows you haven't opened the owner's manual.
If the mechanic broke a wire while working on your car, it's his responsibility to fix it, at his expense. You should have returned ASAP. It's a bit late now.

That wire could have connected your speed sensor. That would cause BAS/ESP warning light.
Next time you get your friend to work on your ML, print out the official MB instructions from this forum. As used by qualified MB technicians. Diagrams and photos are also available.
There's a treasury of DIY how-to's at the site this links to: The M-Class Outpost - The M-Class Enthusiasts' Site

On the first page of this forum is a New Member's Guide and 2 rows below is a thread of DIY links.

If you can't find it in one of those places, or the sites listed in the Guide, then consult your owner's manual. Then post here for more help.
1 - 6 of 21 Posts
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