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error code 7200 on benz ml320 year 2000

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I have noticed this code has been there recently and wondering what it is so i can get it fixed before winter hits!
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When i have the benz on, theres a stick like button that i press and then i come to a wrench like figure with a number 7200. That us exactly what it shows.

Also for the other problem im having, i believe there is a wure nissing from the bearing. Will have to order that wire monday and that light should come off
that makes total sense, i remember when i took it to the shop someone told me i have to find out what that "code" is for; to see what is wrong.. haha, ever since it was in my head to find out what it is. well at least i know my benz is running well except for that light that is on. thanks for the help guys!
nope, confirmed that there is no minus before the number, just wondering; if there is a minus, what does that mean? it needs to be serviced?
no i have not reset that, as to i dont really know what that does. yeah i do have to take a spin through the manual!
yeah, i already read through that, will read it over again, something about turning the wheel all the way to the left and pressing a button; but i remember when i got my back bearing changed i believe the guy broke a wire that connects to the bearing.. dont really know exactly what, but i think that is also a reason why this light is on because i remember when i drove off, in less then 5 min this light came on and has been on
yea i know that, it was a close friend who did some work on it. oh well it has to be fixed! :bowdown:
apperciate the help! can you direct me to where exactly i can find this? always good to download a copy and have it with me
1 - 10 of 21 Posts
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