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Error Code 0705 & 0606 & 2805

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I'm new here so excuse me if i missed any step before adding this subject.

My car is C250 2012 4 Cyl not AMG with 65k KM.
2 weeks ago i was driving then at a time pressed the gas pedal for kick-down and surprised with little delay to interact with shaking for 2 seconds then it goes and run with speed. i thought it's some dirt in fuel or maybe fuel pump .

However, after a while the check engine (CEL) come on. next day i visited a Mercedes mechanic and he said it's fault in CAMSHAFT magnetic sensor so need to be changed. after changing both of them car was running smoothly and CEL gone. then CEL come on again at next day with normal drive not any aggressive speed. So i return to him and he diagnose it and find error 2805, 0705 & 0606 that belongs to transmission conductor plate :( :( also i visited another one for double check and it's same error he re-program it and CEL gone but sure back on again on next day with speed 125 i think it's on 7th gear.

Now, please advise is it normal to face this issues with this little KM usage ? Also, is it maybe belongs to any mis-adjustment or wrong way the CAMSHAFT Magnetic sensor linked ?

FYI, i never faced any problem with the car or transmission. Thanks in advance i appreciate your help or ideas.
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