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Hi Guys,

Background info :-

OK, I've documented this elsewhere but it's kinda fragmented, in with other works I was doing on my recently purchased R170 SLK 320, (got it in Dec 2018) :)

Next Christmas, I am looking to install an M113 V8 5.0 Engine in the Car ................ Just because I can :grin

This thread will cover the recent Android Head Unit Install, I am going for an almost "Installed at Factory" look ;)

So some pics below of how the Dash looked before, with a Single DIN Pioneer, and just the stock MB Front Door Speakers, with separate Tweeters behind the Door Handle Trims.

I also didn't like the Wood Trim in the Car, and managed to get a set of Carbon Fibre trims off EBay, which I think is more in keeping with a Sports Car, the Wood Trim looks great in my S Class, and Mels C Class, but in a Sports Car .............. Nah !! :grin

So we'll start off with some Pics of how the Cars ICE / Dash looked when I first got it, and my chosen Head Unit, an Erisin designed for a pre facelift C Class W203 ;)

This link is not the seller I got it from, but this is the H/U I chose, having a few Buttons and Knobs is also, IMHO in keeping with being a little bit retro like the Car is ;) ..............

I chose this H/U because the dimensions top and bottom were similar to available space in my Dash but a few mm larger at the top and bottom, so hopefully with some careful fettling I will get it to be a snug fit in the Forward Console / Dash Section ;) I will also have to very carefully cut off the metal Mounting Ears that are just behind the plastic Face Plate on the H/U, this install is not for the faint hearted, or those who like a hammer and chisel :big laugh:

After that I'll move on to install of Reverse Camera and Rear Component Speakers, then modification of a spare console bought of EBay, then H/U Install and finally an Active 8" Subwoofer :devil

Here we go some piccies :-


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I have been dreading how I was going to get the Reversing Camera Cable through from Bumper to front of the Car, because stripping out all the trim from the Trunk seemed like a giant PITA, but once I got my head round how MB built it, working a sensible procedure out was really easy.

The Trunk of these Cars is just crammed full of all the Roof Folding Mechanism etc each side and Fuel Tank at the front, with a bit of luggage space in the middle :wink

I also found the Antenna Amp just hanging where some previous inept has fiddled, and nuts and washers rattling around down in the Well behind left rear Wheelarch.
Radio Signal was weak, and that is because it earths through it's fixing bolt so obviously it wasn't working !!
It is a small wonder it didn't get crushed and cause more damage by the Folding Roof Mechanism :eek

To get this lot out, the procedure is Trunk Lid up into Loading Luggage etc (normal up) position, remove all clips, rubber buffers and the Luggage Roller Blind, plus loading edge plastic trim.
Link out the Microswitch for Luggage Blind with a split pin, shut Trunk Lid, then start Roof Folding Procedure, but when Trunk Lid is up fully in it's Roof Folding position, then just before the Roof starts to fold, release the Roof Fold Button !!

Then it is easy to lift out the Side Trims, (slot at rear), around the Trunk Hinge monstrosities, then fold Trunk back down and open back up normally, now I can get at all the guts, and see how to thread the Camera Cables so they will not catch on anything and will end up around the Fuel Tank and into the Cars Cabin at Floor Level.

After that I'll stick the Trunk all back together and clean it all as I go !!

I painted the little Bezel Ring of the Camera in body Colour as I did with my W220, just to make it even less obtrusive :wink

Also today a full set of Carbon Fibre Trims arrived absolutely mint condition, and I also have the matching and very hard to find Carbon Fibre Shifter Knob :grin
I decided to swap out the Wood, as it seems more in keeping with a Sports Car to have the C/F, and also I'll probably be fitting a 3 Spoke Black Leather Steering Wheel from W203 because that Steering Wheel has Buttons unlike the ones fitted to the SLK's .

I can then hopefully get the buttons to work with my new H/U :devil

At this point I also fitted 4 Brand New Quality Tyres to the Car, so I installed 4 proper internal TPMS Valves inside the Wheels whilst fitting the Tyres, I really hate those silly Screw On Valve Cap design sensors, just another potential leak point IMHO ;) Once the H/U is in I have a USB TPMS Module to add with it ;)

more pix :-


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I love the subtlety of these "Stealth" Reversing Cameras compared to the "Warts" that many fix into their Number Plate Lamps :smile

Mel at work until 3pm today, so I been out here, Seats Centre Console and Carpets are now coming out inside, I will report back later today with my findings and some pics, target today is get the Rear Component Speakers in and all Wiring up to the Front :wink

Tomorrow will hopefully at least see the H/U tested, prior to re sizing it slightly* to get it to fit nicely in the Dash Console :grin

Got the Rear Speakers in by close of play, this Car is a bear for ICE Install just every nook and cranny taken up by various gubbins, and also mounting things like the little tweeters, you have to be careful not to foul anything that moves when the roof folds

It turns out the measurements in the H/U's Advert must have been done by Stevie Wonder with an Elastic Tape Measure :rolleyes:
This thing had to have about 2mm shaved off each side of the plastic plus I had to be real careful not to scratch any areas which would show ;)

Also I'm not entirely convinced there is enough depth behind for it all, so I may end up binning it and have to settle for an Android Double DIN after all, but I hope not

Gonna plug it in in a while and test everything so far.

I also found the source of an odd intermittent faint clunk / harmonic rattle, (see first pic), at some point in it's life the Car had a "Tracker" fitted, and it was simply taped to a plastic removable panel between the Rear Wall and Fuel Tank enclosure, so of course it had fallen off and was just rolling around in the cavity .....................

Lets add ICE and Telematics "Professional Installers" to my list of idiots to avoid when parting up with your hard earned wedge !!



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OK, I have the Car all temporarily back together, Original Pioneer Single Din is back in, with a mix and match of the new Carbon Fibre Trims and some of the old Wood ones

I need to very carefully modify the Carbon Fibre Heater Control / Stereo Surround / Switch Panel to integrate with the Android H/U, plus carefully modify the Androids Face Plate, this will be very time consuming to get it 100% right.

I've run out of time for now, but want to keep using the Car meanwhile, was worried that I would rush that if I continued yesterday, hence the decision to put it back together with the Single DIN Pioneer for now.

The good news is the Android H/U is working fine, and it will, I hope ;) just fit the enclosure Depth Wise.
The Reverse Camera is working fine too.

A Woofer will not fit, the Fuel Tank is bang up behind that Rear Panel, but I have an Idea for installing a decent Woofer and Amp at later date.
The component Speakers sound good, have just had to knock the Bass back on Reggae stuff with the H/U HPF due to the lack of Woofer, but overall what I have done so far is a success, and with the extra 2 Channels now working the system now sounds much better than it did when I first got the Car.



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As some of you may know, these Cars have certain of their plastic Interior Parts like Glove Box Lid, Centre Console, Door Pull Handles etc all come from factory with a special interior paint to colour them to the various options ......................

This of course gets scuffed and scratched over the years to the point that these parts end up making your interior look like an old shed :frown

Mine are "Anthracite" Colour, and had a few scuffs and chips so I bought the correct German Colouring Paint and re did the bad bits.
Used Paintwork DeGreaser first, surgical gloves on and then dab / wipe it on with a little sponge is way to go, the parts came out like new

The Android head unit is now nicely sized to fit the Console Aperture, but the front half of the centre console also requires surgery inside it where you can't see it to make a nice install, so I found a good un molested one on EBay, can then re engineer this without having the Car off the road, and once I'm happy it all fits nicely I will only need an hour or so to complete the Install :grin

Carbon Fibre Door Handle / Tweeter Trims now installed, which required Door Trim Removal to do, so another job ticked off my list :wink

Bagged a nice retro looking C Class Steering Wheel to go on the Car, so I can eventually get the Volume, Track Change and maybe "Call Answer / Hang Up" Working with the Android H/U :devil

Not as easy as it sounds, research into C Class and SLK Wiring / CAN Bus needed, and I will probably have to modificate / re engineer the Steering Angle Sensor / Clock Spring Squib to get all parts working correctly, there are 2 options of what I will do but I don't know yet until I get an afternoon to bury my head in WIS diagrams :nerd


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Well I never said this was going to be as easy as fitting a correctly sized Android to my W220

The EBay Console piece arrived today, so after I'd got all the Customer cars done for the week I started on having a look see, and some preliminary cutting, leaving a little extra in critical places to "carefully trim as I go".

Yeah yeah, I know the Console is a Blue one, but it was the only one on Fleabay, I paid buttons for it and re colouring it to Anthracite will be easy enough with that fancy paint I got !!

LOL, It might all end up in the bin anyway, but after my preliminary efforts this evening it looks like it's gonna work with some very careful fettling :wink

I have a second C/F panel with "not enough Switch Holes" which is the one I'm cutting, shaping and sizing first, then I will use the 2 sized and finished bits as templates to mark the one's I'll actually be using.

In the standard Car there is an Ash Tray and Oddments Tray down near the Gear Lever End, which will be removed to relocate the Switch Panel a bit lower ;)

I will be fabricating a plywood support for the H/U to sit on which it will be fixed to, you can see me pencil marking the line it needs to take in one picture, put the pencil in a pair of measuring Calipers and halve it's thickness, that will give me the exact position to fit it so the H/U stays up tight against the edge of the Heater Controls Panel.

In the Pencil Pics the whole H/U and Console chebang is upside down :wink

No way finished yet, a lot of careful fettling to go, but the piccies will give you an idea of where I'm going with this install :smile

Pics :-


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This is very close now and all fits nicely, got to make a couple of small pieces to make the Switch Panel secure, nice and invisible, but that's not rocket science.

I was a little sad at having to drill the sides for the H/U "Shelf Supports" but they are countersunk in well, I reckon a tiny wipe with epoxy before I paint the Console and they will be all but invisible down in the foot wells, they will never need to come out :wink

The H/U is a fairly heavy unit, as Head units go, so for support I wanted it nice and solid, it's all a good tight fit :grin

I have a touch more sanding at the top left and right of H/U Plastic, the C/F Panels are pretty good now so I will now use them for marking the set I intend to use, and then just carefully sand until the Gaps down the sides are all even. At that point I'll be ready to paint the Console Anthracite !!

Ignore the "plastic wooden" Shifter Panel, it's the old one out of the Car, the C/F one is already in the Car and I couldn't be assed to remove it for the photies, just imagine it is C/F and the Console is Anthracite then you'll have a very good idea what the final install will look like :smile



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I'm now there, all drilling, screwing, filing, sanding and buffing is finished, and out of 2 C/F Ebay Console Panels I now have the "final and finished set" which will go in the Car.

You will see in previous photos, that the only CF Panel I could get was one with 5 Switch Holes, but I have added Heated Leather Seats and Headlamp Washers to my Car, so I needed all 6 holes, for "fully loaded" options :grin

The Switch Panel now has the extra hole Cut to accommodate the 6th Switch, and boy that was fiddly, and a nervous time chain drilling and filing to get it to be un detectable !! It really is un detectable :nerd

I also installed hidden screws to support each corner of the Switch Panel, plus 2 Screws with heads cut off, (now posts) which clip into 2 convenient places at the side of the Switch Panel to secure it !! Oh boy was it fiddly getting that just right, so it is held securely, but can be easily removed with a plastic trim tool :grin

Also added a "Plastic Chrome" Trim to the H/U edge on the Upper Half of the Panel, this tidies up my edge line here and is in keeping with the Chrome Trims round the Heater Controls :smile

I will be Painting the Console today in Anthracite, and also the Cars original "wood" Gear Lever Shifter "gate panel" in Anthracite, as MB never did a C/F version for the Tiptronic Cars, at least if they did I can't find one anywhere, they all seem to have the 4,3,2,1 Gate.

Hopefully over the weekend I can get this lot installed and all working.

I have found an 8" shallow depth Kenwood Active Sub, which is the largest that will fit between the 2 seats, 270mm o/a Dia by 69mm deep so I'll be dropping in a single into twin Phono Lead from H/U Sub Out line plus a 3 core Batt +ve, Earth, and Wake Up +ve whilst the Car is apart.

This is the chosen Sub :- .................

................. simply because whatever sub I fit has to be Surface Mounted due to the Fuel Tank right behind the Trim Panel, and within the size restrictions this seems to be neatest and best bang (boom) for the bucks
OK, I will lose the Black Storage Pocket, but there are 2 more 'Netting" pockets behind the Seats, and I don't use the upper one anyways ;)

piccies :-


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Well, I'm sayin' nuffink lol ...................

Except ................

The first pic is of the OE Console that was in my SLK housing the Single DIN Pioneer ..............

The rest of the pix will explain where I'm at right now !!

Final comment, whoever had this lot apart at some time, was a complete eejit, the number of screws I've found left out, cables badly routed etc etc !! It was probably whoever installed the Pioneer in recent years before I got the car :frown

Currently searching for where the wires for the OE Microphone come out, have found everything else I need :wink

Chow for now :grin

pix of demolition, and the new Console section is installed with all it's screws :-


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OK well I'm gonna leave ya all for a while with some piccies of it all working now, workshop has got manic busy, so I need to park the car up and get back to it at the weekend.

Close of play today will see all the Drivers side back together, the roof can then go up and the left side Dash and Glovebox panels can wait, some more (microphone), wiring to do that side, but Mic is working fine, everything tested early this morning, all works a treat

I had a bit of an issue at first with TPMS, it was seeing the sensor ID's but displaying a silly hot temperature for each Tyre and zero pressure, the "Chinglish" instructions made no reference to the fact that the sensors needed individually pairing, nor where to find the menu option, but as it was bugging me, I spent an hour in the Workshop late last night fiddling and sussed out what to do, (no real help found on Google btw).

Basically when you find the menu for "Pairing" you tap a tyre on the screen, hit pair and a timer starts counting down 2 minutes ..................

I started Left Front, let a bit of air out of the Tyre, and beep "Pairing Successful" on screen, next Right Front, success, and then the rear 2

Piccies (continued in next post) :-


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Right, so that's where I'm at at as of a couple of days ago :grin

I've got busy in the Workshop this week with pesky customer work, so play has had to stop for a while :big laugh:

I've been fiddling and setting the H/U up how I want it, it is all configured nicely, and using the "mixing palette" I have got the H/U Button Illumination to match perfectly with the Cars Switches etc, I'll try grab a pic in the dark later ;) If I can get one that isn't blurred I'll pop it in here ;)

The Active Sub will be here this week, so hopefully get that installed v soon, also the 'Sub Loom' for the Heated Seats should be here soon so I can get that done at the same time and get the back half of the centre console and the front left Dash Trims fitted back in and start using the Car again :)

I also bought one of these 'panel mount' twin USB Data Ports :- .............. as there is currently 3 USB Ports unused on the back of the H/U, so by fitting the Socket in the Centre Console Armrest box I can plug in a USB Internet SIM Dongle and also use anything else such as USB Stick to transfer files etc etc ;)

I might add DAB Radio on the final H/U USB port at a later date, but not important right now, as DAB is a pretty sketchy signal where I live ;)

I will also be putting a USB Charger unit similar design in the R170 to plug the phone etc in when charging. I have the Chargers in the W220 but will also add the USB Data Ports as well to that Car :grin

I'll be back soon with some more pics once the Sub is in ;)

Cheers for now,

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Lookin' good there, Dave. Now all you've got to do is move the steering wheel back to the correct side! :-D

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Hi David,

/\ /\ /\ Very Nice, I like that, and the "total touch screen" lack of buttons looks well in the later model Car ;)

Was that H/U built to fit the dash, or did you have to mod the sides to get a nice fit ? That was a very brutal part of my install, I wasn't sure that I wouldn't totally wreck the unit due to the amount of plastic I had to shave off it to make it fit the R170's Console, but the H/U was relatively cheap, so I figured it was worth a shot to get the look I wanted .................

You see there are a fair few R170's done with Double DIN Units, but those that know me will know I like to push the boundaries with my Cars, but always go for "Factory fit" looking improvements ;)

Wait until I get to doing the V8 install, that will have to be 100% working with all the other systems, all on MB ECU's :grin ................ Got it all sussed out already though, that is why I chose a V6 Car to do ;)

There are a few R170's that have M113 fitted, but the owners always started with 4 Cylinder Cars, and cannot get them working in harmony for various reasons !!


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Thanks :grin

My install is relatively simple, comparing to yours, and since I know nothing about mechanical stuff, all my mods are pretty superficial: ambient lights, dual function DRLs, side camera (i'm rather precious about my wheels LOL), etc ... Retrofitted a few factory options too - illuminated door sills, electrochromic RVM, boot power socket, and so on.

The Erisin head unit above I fitted in August 2017, it is 169/245 specific, so just slot into place, with CANbus decoder and QuadLock included in the kit - everything works as before - from steering wheel controls, to factory subwoofer in the spare wheel, to continuing playback, until the key is removed or the driver's door is open.

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Yes my W220 Erisin install was comparatively very easy, just more add ons, because that Head Unit was specific to W220 Dash and CAN Bus, and that Car has CAN Bus on Steering Wheel Buttons ;)

The R170 does have at least 1 CAN for Powertrain, but I'm not 100% whether it has a Body CAN as well, or if H/U will talk to the protocols that are used on R170 ....................

I have no Steering Wheel Controls on the standard R170 Steering Wheel, but have a C Class W203 Steering Wheel with Buttons, that will fit the Car. Need to do a ton of searching WIS Wiring Diagrams for CAN Bus on both the R170 and W203 Cars and then probably have to build a Steering Angle Sensor / Clockspring Squib out of parts from both cars, to get extra wire cores, then get a W203 Steering Column Module, plus chopped wiring with correct plugs, then finally hope and pray the CAN Protocols are the same between the 2 Cars :rolleyes:

The Steering Wheel I bought was also available with Paddle Shifters, so I may decide to add those as well at the same time :grin

TBH I can't see MB re writing all their older CAN Protocols as models progressed, which gives me hope that I'll eventually get it all running on CAN bus ;)

I just don't have a whole spare time day to trawl all the wiring diagrams right now ;)

So atm, all Head Unit Functions are hard wired via the "SWC etc" Harness supplied with the H/U, but yeah, the H/U has a CAN Decoder built in and designed to work with C Class W203 ;)

Fingers are well and truly crossed :wink

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Well after a horrendous and very busy 2 weeks da SLK is back in da building.

Close of play Seats are out, Console and under Dash Trims etc all out, and the Fuse Box is all in bits.

It has until Monday night in da Workshop, will get as much done as I can .......................

Heated Seat Sub Loom has to go from Fuse Box to Right Seat, and then across back of Heater with Main Loom, then to Switch Panel and Earth Point, and then on to Left Seat !!

Amplifier Power Lead, Earth and Wake Up have all got to go from Fusebox and H/U to Rear of Console area, above which will be mounted the Active Sub :grin

Once that is done, if time allows, then the GPS Antenna needs final mounting, I think it will be under the Dash Top Panel on top of the HVAC box :wink

The Hands Free Mic also needs final mounting, this will be mounted in the OEM location in the Interior Dome Light, (in actual fact I am going to see if the H/U likes the original MB Mic first), the MB wiring needs splicing into the special H/Free Mic Plug that came with the ERISIN H/U.

Finally re fit all parts previously removed !!

Will report back how it's all progressing :smile
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