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Hi All,

my first post so here goes. I have a 2000 C220CDI (211k miles),which has developed a problem. I was driving the car and the EPC warning light came on and the car lost power and died. It turns over and there is fuel in the tank but it will not start, not even a splutter. The car had been running fine except for one thing that I had noticed on the day before...and indeed the last time it was started before it lay down...on both occassions it took a noticeably extended crank to start it. I had replaced the fuel lift pump with a new one about 12 months ago as the previous one had packed up and it has been fine since. The only other problem with the car was the blocked rubber drain plug which resulted in me having to swap out the blower motor for a second hand one because of water ingress to passenger side. My neighbours son, who has a garage businees, tried pulling fault codes, using his reader which has software to read the Merc, but it kept showing data link interrupted or some such each time. He surmised that it could be a fault with the ECU itself. Any thoughts or suggestions gratefully received.
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