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Price: $300.00
It's only one month old.

I just pulled the entire Bose system out of my car this last weekend. I wanted more than a tape deck in my car so I had to go with an aftermarket headunit and all new speakers.

My car is only a month old, along with the Bose system. It's in perfect shape with no problems whatsoever. Here is what is included:

MB Becker stock tape deck / headunit
one 3" Bose Center speaker
two 1.5" Bose tweeters
two 6.5" Bose door front speakers
two 6.5" Bose door rear speakers
one Bose sub/bass module
one Bose amp that ties the whole system together

You can get all wiring harnesses necessary from MB dealers.

My asking price is $300 for the whole package.

email me at [email protected] if you are interested.

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