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2001 VITO 113,1982 280E W123
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hi i know that probably all the gurus on here must be getting tired of bloody fault questions on these but here goes ..
\first off im a bike mechanic and own a motorcycle recovery business based in NSW australia
ok here goes .....
bought the little van a few months agao good deal and g,ad to get rid of the transit [theyre bad news down here no support no parts ] anyway
after a few dyas got the common limp home fault i stuck the snap on diagnostic comp on it
according to the list of leads ive got ..the plug for the vito is round muliti pin [we all know thats wrong right ?]
so i used a generic chip and lead the faults that came up were..
intermitant misfire on mulitiple cylinders /no premanent faults
sometimes no1 or no2 or no3 etc ..always happened when under load just before changing down for a hill say for instance

so i suffered this as it wasnt a big deal to pull over and reset the ecu

but now ....the vans engine is vibratin a fair bit at all revs and whilst stationary still pulls well tho
ive had the serpentine belt off and ran the van to isolate the ancillaries nope
and i took the crank pulley off to check it seemed fine ,had my driver get under the van while i put in gear to check the engine mounts they seemd ok //
i dont think its the flywheel so all thats left is an injector fault

but im stumped at why the fault is spread over all the cylinders!!!

van is a 2001 113 petrol 5 speed manual
any help would be greatly recieved shes done 458000kms but is as quiet as a mouse just developed this vibe
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