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Engine Swap

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!!! ok, which is the overall best eninge for my 1992 190e, i have a 2.3l 8v and really really bored w/ it, yea it does the sickest donuts and only spins tires in reverse, what should i swap to get the best performance, i want to start racing people. i was thinking the stock cosworth engine or maybe the 2.0l sportline....even if i can save up to get the amg engine but i dont know about the last one....which one is better the cosworth or the 2.0l sportline???? i want an engine that can put me in the lower 15 seconds on the quater mile...maybe a nice 14 second pass wouldnt be bad, but i doubt that would happen...any suggestions??? i want the most performance for the cheapest prices also where can i find the engine you guys request???....

p.s. i was thinking of having my uncle who happends to be a fabricator/welder....maybe he can set me up w/ a custom set-up for a volvo turbo, seeing the amg one is like 2200(usd) ill just pull the volvo turbo off a junkyard car.... any and all replys would be great

-Thanks guys
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franhiz said:
i've seen good sr20 engine swaps on these cars ... also the 1j twin turbo works out real good. engine mounts is all you need.

no such thing as a 1j twin turbo, its a 1jz which dave just posted up, and the twin turbo is the 2jz awsome motor btw, you can get 800hp out of the stock internals on that beast. really worth it in my opinion
Then you got this monster V8 Twinturbo 190 out of Sweeden. Not sure on the details.

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dam lol. that looks insane. those crazy swedes do everyhting
Update: Its a Chevy V8 with an auto tranny and the wheels spin in every gear. It has a manual tranny but that destroyed the rear diff. Once you get up above 500hp the stock diff and train cant handle the load and will break.
do you have any other pictures of it?? maybe a link to it or a video.
No, the guy is expected to post up more pix of it later. It's his friends car and he is gonna go see him.
money talks, 2jz motor would be sweet. i would build a 2.5-16 motor. if i had time and the green..
id build a 2.6. but thats a whole new level with that
ill shove a 500e motor in mines and call it a day if i can ever find a cheap one..
500e engine and cheap arent really two words found in the same sentence unles sits "500e engines are never cheap" or something similar. Plus they are a bitch to do ANY work on yourself.
hehe. i kno, the day i find a cheap 500e motor is the day i win the lottery.
well start playin then lol
yeah man! German is goood, but it still sounds like some "rea" hot rod isht to me. Never be discouraged to dream, after all GOD gave us brains to use. To the bottom of the sea to the haters.

;) Kynyption where can I find a shot of your BENZ at. The fender shot is brilliant, like a new favorite girlfriend or ice cream. More.
my buddy took that shot, we need more of them, we used a shitty camera that day.
it is a very nice shot. milosz where i can i get the sr20 for that price. ive seen them on ebay full swap with tranny and acc (alot without MAF and ignitor chip) but im very skeptic of buying something like that off ebay.
your wish is my comand =]
they only got the blacktop with a RWD tranny. im lookin for redtop. know any other good sites?
damn, money talks 1500 for a complete dt. too much for me. i gotta work double ot for that
New190EOwner said:
they only got the blacktop with a RWD tranny. im lookin for redtop. know any other good sites?
oh shit lol, kid knows his JDM a bit. ill find another site for you.
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