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MB 190e 2.3 8v(W201)
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!!! ok, which is the overall best eninge for my 1992 190e, i have a 2.3l 8v and really really bored w/ it, yea it does the sickest donuts and only spins tires in reverse, what should i swap to get the best performance, i want to start racing people. i was thinking the stock cosworth engine or maybe the 2.0l sportline....even if i can save up to get the amg engine but i dont know about the last one....which one is better the cosworth or the 2.0l sportline???? i want an engine that can put me in the lower 15 seconds on the quater mile...maybe a nice 14 second pass wouldnt be bad, but i doubt that would happen...any suggestions??? i want the most performance for the cheapest prices also where can i find the engine you guys request???....

p.s. i was thinking of having my uncle who happends to be a fabricator/welder....maybe he can set me up w/ a custom set-up for a volvo turbo, seeing the amg one is like 2200(usd) ill just pull the volvo turbo off a junkyard car.... any and all replys would be great

-Thanks guys
1 - 1 of 43 Posts
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