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I have a 1996 Vito that's doing something that seems a bit odd.

The engine randomly gets stuck at a certain speed, or rather it seems to develop a power limit, preventing increased power/fuel flow.

Could be at 20km/hr in town, could be at 120km/hr on the highway.

I'll be driving along happily and need to accelerate, perhaps to pass a car or perhaps to in town just going round a corner, but I press down the accelerator and NOTHING happens. I don't lose power, it just won't give me any more than what it was at before I moved the pedal. It's not actually stuck, if I let up on the accelerator, the engine slows down just fine. So it's not like the accelerator pedal or cable is actually stuck. And indeed the pedal goes down and appears to be actuating the control perfectly.

But when I put my foot down it will only go back to where it was, power/fuel wise. It's like it's suddenly been blocked or limited at the random power level I was cruising at.

I have to pause for a second or two, flutter the pedal back and forth and then it just goes back to normal and I get the full range back again. It did this maybe three or four times over two years, and so briefly that we didn't really believer ourselves that we'd felt it happen. Then all of a sudden this week on a long trip it just started doing it constantly every hour or so along the highway, and now every few kilometers.

It's at the shop now and they have never heard of the problem. They think there may be a fault somewhere confused the engine management system.

Anyone else experienced anything like this? Solutions?

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