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Hi guys, recently i had the pleasure of cracking two pistons in my "99" 108cdi vito. As you can imagine, this then wrecked the bores and now I am rebuilding a donor block to replace my knackered one.

The donor block was complete with pistons, crank etc and is in really good condition, however as I have it on my bench, I think it is wise to replace some parts to make sure. I'm changing piston rings, big end bearings, glow plugs and of course all relevent gaskets. I have decided to leave the main bearings and crank untouched due to cash flow issues!

Basically, I just need a bit of advice in regards to parts, torque settings etc.

I've sourced the gaskets from GSF, the piston rings from Mill Auto, and the Big end bearings from Merc Dealer.

Has anyone had any problems with using parts not from Merc dealers?
Also, what torque setting should the Big end bearings (conrod) be done up to?

Any other advice would be greatly appreaciated. Many thanks, Ryan.
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