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I searched for this topic in the W124 forum, and I got a couple ideas, but for the most part, I feel that this is a different incident and the responses didn't really help my case, so I figured I'd ask.

Time: 9:37pm
Outside temperature: 52 degrees Fahrenheit (about 11C)
Car: 300E (M103, bitches)

Last night, I stopped at In N Out Burger to grab a sandwich, and while waiting in line, I had the displeasure of watching my temp climb over 80, to over the time it got over 100 I was out of the line and grabbed the quickest freeway onramp. Once on the freeway, I accelerated past 90 and let the cool,dense valley air do its thing. Temperature went back down to slightly above 80 Celsius.

Today, same thing. About 67 degrees Fahrenheit (16C or so) outside. As soon as I put my foot on the brake and slowed below 30mph, the temperature started rising. When at a stop in traffic, my little fuel economy bar lifted slightly to the right. When I shift to neutral (automatic transmission), it goes back to its normal position all the way to the left.

I came home and let it idle in park. I lifted the hood, and the inner fan was working, but the temp was still around 100. Coolant level was good.

1) It's not a lack of coolant
2) It's not a cracked head or gasket
3) It's not the water pump or the seals around it.

4) could be the thermostat
5) could be a fan switch or relay of some sort
6) could be my paranoia and fear of letting something happen to my baby (even though my baby is almost as old as me)

So, question:
My dad told me this type of variation is normal, his W126 experiences it all the time, but I don't know, getting over 100 degrees Celsius is getting close to the point where the coolant boils.

Possible remedies:
1) new thermostat
2) flush cooling system
3) pray and wait

Anything I'm overlooking? Thanks in advance..
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