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On first thought, it seems perfectly normal to me.
But, are you sure the engine cooling fan is working? If the fan clutch (or the switch that activates is) is bad, the fan will still turn by sheer friction, but it wouldn't be spinning as fast as it should. A simple way to test this is to do the carrot trick: Put a carrot (or a cucumber) to the fan blades while the engine is running hot. If the fan slows down, then the clutch is not working. If the vegetable is sheered off, then it is working. Besides, if you hear a steady vooooooo when you rev up the hot engine, then the fan is working.
If my car is anything to go by, it does the same thing. It heats up well beyond 80 when it's running idle with the A/C and the transmission in gear. The auxiliary fan (the one in front of the A/C radiator) doesn't kick in at high speed until the temp reaches 115C, and keeps running down to 90. It never gave me any problems, and I live in Saudi Arabia!!!
As for the "econ" gauge, it should shift slightly towards red whenever there is a load on the engine (say, gear in D or R or A/C is running.) Otherwise, it should be stuck to the left when the engine is running free.
I could be wrong, though. Hope this helps.

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