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engine overhaul

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my clk430 engine is getting worked on rite now and was wondering if there were any upgrades I should do or additional parts I should replace while the engine is completely dissasembled on a stand. Here's whats getting done:... Replace piston rings, cylinder head gaskets, connecting rods, valve seals, valve guides, intake gaskets, valve cover gaskets,main bearings, crankshaft timing sprocket, and 1 engine mount. Also disassemble and clean engine, ridge ream and hone cylinders, and grind valves. Any suggestions on other things I should do while I have it broken down, or is that good how it is? Thnx.
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Depends on what level of performance you want

It really depends on what level of performance you want to take your car to. You could do some bolt ons and tuning while your at it, headers, cam shaft, plugs and wires, supercharger, ecu tuning etc! Since your engine is apart you could take advantage and also maybe replace some parts with lighter stronger amg replacements, or bore out the engine and replace with bigger pistons again it depends on what performance you want!By the way just curious as to how much it cost to get the engine disassembled and cleaned?
Shrick cams

You can get some good cams from Schrick at Schrick . com! Is that 4 grand for the entire job ,replacing piston rings etc or just to disassemble and clean?How did you get the warranty to cover the work that is great!

thanks for the info, I believe you can also get some cams from kleemann and evosport if you want to shop and save money and who doesnt want to do that! I would get an oil catch to keep oil vapor from entering your intake and engine(
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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