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engine overhaul

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my clk430 engine is getting worked on rite now and was wondering if there were any upgrades I should do or additional parts I should replace while the engine is completely dissasembled on a stand. Here's whats getting done:... Replace piston rings, cylinder head gaskets, connecting rods, valve seals, valve guides, intake gaskets, valve cover gaskets,main bearings, crankshaft timing sprocket, and 1 engine mount. Also disassemble and clean engine, ridge ream and hone cylinders, and grind valves. Any suggestions on other things I should do while I have it broken down, or is that good how it is? Thnx.
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parts and labor come out to $4,300, but its under warranty so its free to me. I'm gonna get new plugs and wires and was looking for a cam but can't find one. Any help?
Labor is $2500 wich would b pulling the engine, disassembly cleaning and put back together. But doing this u would also have to replace all gaskets and oil. I noticed some oil( not much) on top of my heads only over one cylinder and brought it in.I think my rings went bad on one cylinder wich caused some things in the heads to get messed wit I can't wait to get it back!! I haven't had a car for a week! So ya about 4g's for all parts and labor. Its gonna run smooth!!
just got my car back from the shop and it runs awsome! definatley lil more power, alot smoother, and barely any noise from the engine. very happy..... gotta go, time to go cruisin now!
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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