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engine oil dipstick handle broke off

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Hi Guys! I cant believe it broke off after I nudged it. But anyway, I checked my oil level through the instrument panel display and it said oil i.0 . Does that mean my oil level is ok? The manual does not explain this, it just said it might display the following:

oil i.0
oil -1.0q
oil -1.5q
oil -2q

Im assuming if you get a minus sign then you add a quart and if it says -2 you add 2 quarts. So if any of the veterans can answer my question, it would be greatly appreciated. As to MB, shame on your oil dipstick supplier. LOL
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Your interpretation of the oil display is correct.
I broke off the dipstick handle on 97 sedan and was able to find the same length on junk yard. Seems that older models have better plastic used.
On 99 ML i remember touching the dipstick about 3 times. It never needs oil between the changes.
I remember cars, where 1 liter per 1000 kilometers was good.
In my motorhome pouring one quart with fuel fill up is a standard (but the tank is 120 gal).
It all comes to some luck. I have good luck to Mercedes. As mentioned our original 99 ML320 never needed oil added in its 70k miles life.
Even our "new" 97 E300 D didn't take any oil in last 6000 miles. 234,000 miles "on the clock".
Than fixing oil leaks is my religion. ;)
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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