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Now lets spice it up a bunch, MB uses OM for Otto Motor and B for Benzine or gasoline engine.

As discussed above the engine number has two parts, the major number and the minor number. All engine of a major type share common architecture and are gross dimensionsaly the same. The minor number is what makes it specific with a further step down with the sequence number.

So what does this mean for a mog owner looking to spice it up? Actually a lot. So lets your generic mog has a type ABC engine, say ABC.123 and there is a different application that also has an ABC but it's type ABC.456; the components that make the ABC.123 mog specific are contained in the .123 minor number where as the .456 may not have things like mog specific oil pan/pump or some weird reversed geometry part designed specifically to fit the mog due to interference from the foot well etc. The sequence number is also dreadfully important as it tells you when in production the unit was made and sometimes there are upgrades that are not backward compatible, say after production number 123456 they changed the cooling passages in the head and now need a new head gasket because the passages are now square instead of round, sometimes these are improvements that can effect the whole range and sometimes they are restrictive.

Can you build a dogs breakfast engine? Sure but in the case of MB and mog, it takes some knowing about what makes the mog stuff mog stuff and knowing why non-mog stuff won't always give you the best results.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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