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Engine "knocking" noise- help?

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Hi everybody,
So I was driving my 1984 Mercedes 300TD wagon (~300k miles) and after about an hour on the road I started hearing this knocking noise coming from the engine. I thought it might be the injectors, so I used 2 cans of diesel purge and it still hasn't gone away. I've included a link to a Youtube video so you can hear it yourself. Any thoughts or tips on how to troubleshoot this? Thanks for your help.

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Diesel purge won't affect a mechanical problem with your injectors.

I had an injector fail where the pintle wouldn't fully seat. I caught it early enough where it didn't melt into the head or piston but I still had to pull the head to remove metal embedded into the piston.

Don't risk damage. Remove the injectors and get them tested before driving the car any further.
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