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Hello folks, i have a strange problem with my MB E240 aut station from 2002 (W210).
Wenn i drive a bigger distance, more as 300 km (200 mls). Wenn i than have to stop (paygates for example) and will exillerate again the car does not respond.
The engine does not give any power, does not respond on the throttel and won`t move the car. This takes a few seconds and then the car goes as normal again. Sometimes even the engine stops running after using the throttel and than after a restart everything is okè again.
The officel MB garage has read out the computer and there was 1 mall function in the airflow meter, but they couldend tell me if this was realy the problem. Before changing all kind of parts i am asking you people if you can help me solving this problem.
I do not know if the problem is in the gearbox, or the engine !!! This because sometimes it feels like i is stuck in a to high gear.
Sorry for my bad language, but i am from the nertherlands.

But lets keep the discussion in english please.

Kind regards, Jaap.
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