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Engine and transmission tuning

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Hello everyone
i have some questions and i hope i find answers here
first of all i say that i love my ML320 and thats why i want to spend moeny on that exact car and not buy newer one...:)
so the first question is how difficult or if is even possible to enlarge engine displacement from native 3200 cc to 3700 cc as happends on facelifted models M350,
the other question is if is possible to mount 7g tronic gearbox instead of an 5g,
have anybody any other good idea how to "update" ml320 to run more powerfull, comfortable, enjoyable?:)

Thank you all
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To answer your 2 questions, in short, no you cannot bore out the engine to 3.7, it would be much cheaper to just get a 3.7 engine and drop it in along with all the ECU and other electronics you would need, and I REALLY doubt you could make a 7G tronic work without extensive electronic hacks, and even then it would be weird because the engine wouldn't be optimized for the 7 speed shift patterns. It is not worthwhile to put money into these cars to make them perform better, they should be enjoyed as they are performance wise, because no matter what you do, it will still be 4500lb SUV. If you want performance in the W163 chassis look into getting an ML55.
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