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Engine and transmission tuning

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Hello everyone
i have some questions and i hope i find answers here
first of all i say that i love my ML320 and thats why i want to spend moeny on that exact car and not buy newer one...:)
so the first question is how difficult or if is even possible to enlarge engine displacement from native 3200 cc to 3700 cc as happends on facelifted models M350,
the other question is if is possible to mount 7g tronic gearbox instead of an 5g,
have anybody any other good idea how to "update" ml320 to run more powerfull, comfortable, enjoyable?:)

Thank you all
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If it's not about money, then the motor could be tuned probably to the 3.6 AMG, as they used the same old m112 block, such as the C36 AMG car. But that's just me guessing. What would be easier is get a used kompressor (supercharger) and try to marry that up to the 3.2 engine, I once saw a kompressor on eBay from an m112 motor I think and it was several hundred dollars. I presume you live in a country where manual labor is not as expensive as it is in the U.S., or you know how to work on engines yourself.
The 7G (722.9?) trans is not that good, I don't know why you would want to switch to that?! MB still uses the 722.6 in the more powerful cars as it will hold more torque. When the w164s came out, they all developed problems with the 7G, the good old 5-speed 722.6 is more reliable and easier to overhaul and is more practical. Someone correct me if I am wrong.
Plus as stated above, you can do chip tuning and fiddle with the exhaust and air intake and all. There are performance exhasut manifolds you can get that are pretty awesome. If you take the motor appart, there is the sludge build up that you can shed and polish the intakes and what not. So there is lots you can do without going through with the boring out adventure.
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