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"Magazine Empty" message from CD changer.

"Magazine Empty" message from CD changer.

The MB changer units (Mine is a MC 3198) are very similar to the Alpine CHM-S260.
That unit also has the "empty magazine" error.

This error has to do with the loading unloading of the CD from the magazine into the CD reader.

Some people report it has to do with the gears, while other report that it has to do with the micro switches.

1. Gears
Quote from "E" on another forum:
From what I observed, the mechanism ejecting the magazine worked fine but, the cd loader was not working. Therefore, I carefully disassembled unit. Not too difficult, some screws to each side, gently remove casing (plastic clips), remove anti-vibration mounts and springs. (advice if you are going to do this then make sure you a) allow time to take our time and b) have a clear desk to work on).

Once you have unit apart turn upside down and you will see two motors and drive gears. One drives the magazine loader the other the CD loader. On my unit I noticed a slight misalignment of the worm / wheel drive gears causing them to jam and cease the drive hence the problem everyone is experiencing. Gently using a screw driver I realigned the gear meshing. Immediately the unit started working. However, it failed again on multiple testing. once again, I released but this time I checked the tightness of the gear mount and found it loose. I realigned worm & wheeel gears and retensioned monting screw. This time I tested unit numerous times and all worked fine. I reassembled unit and reinstalled. So far so good unit back in action.
another Quote "TOM FLUKE":
Hi. I recently had this problem of a jammed worm gear, which was preventing the loading mechanism from operation (although the CD cassette could be loaded/unloaded OK). If you are happy with a screwdriver, it's an easy thing to unjam the worm gear. I also tightened the screw which holds the gear mount, but it was not really loose; have changed CD a number of times since fixing with no problem, but I suspect this may not be the last time it happens. I have also posted some of my own photos for you right here.

Alpine CHM-S620 - a photoset on Flickr

Micro switches.

The gears drive the sliding mechanism for moving the CD from the magazine into the reader. To that mechanism is attached to a lever. The end position of the sliding mechanism is detected by the lever touching 2 micro switches. Some report that these micro switches do not work properly any more.
Richard Haenle
"Hallo Herr....

vermutlich sind bei Ihrem Gerät zwei Micro-Schalter verschlissen. Bitte
klopfen Sie einmal während dem Ladevorgang kräftig auf das
Gehäuse. Mit ein wenig Glück, wird der Wechsler jetzt wieder funktionieren.
In my case I tested them but they seemed to work fine. To make sure I resoldered them, and since then the CD changer seems to work fine, So I guess that at some point the lever hitting the micro switches created a micro rupture of the solderings.
None of the fotos show the micro switches as they are located on the other side of the changer.

I hope this helps you in repairing yours,


PS in another thread someone report that the error comes from the optical loop (D2B or MOST). While it is also possible that this goes wrong, it is not likely that this would only generate the "empty magazine" error. In fact there would be no sound at all, not even from the radio.

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Possibly brushes of that DC motor are the root-cause

In my case, the pictured (img_4822 by tomfuke) motor was the culprit, but not on the gear part. It seems this motor has to perform two functions: to drive the arm that fetches and returns the CD trays, and to compress the spindle when the CD is loaded. In the latter case the torque is significantly higher. My interpretation is that the brushes wear more on this motor than the others, and after a while there appear dead zones. I Ohmed the motor and indeed there are dead zones, trying to drive it from an external power source had no success, until I unsoldered and resoldered the contacts behind the motor. After mechanically fiddeling a bit with the feeds, I think the brushes realigned and the dead zones are gone. Now I have successfully changed ca. 50 CDs so I think this must be it... Åge-Raymond
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