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Hi Boris,
The Manheim repurchase price applies if MB never provided the AEM and folks couldn’t register their car. But yes, MBUSA could argue that the Manheim value is what they owe for warranty failures even if the language doesn’t apply to the warranty section. I would argue that because the warranty repurchase is modeled after lemon laws, then repurchase is for MSRP because lemon laws require MSRP.
I contacted counsel for the class. They are helping with the check from the settlement administrator (who has been less than helpful).

As for the buyback, he referred me to MB customer service. The agent is referring the incident to an executive manager who will contact me back. The warrantee verbiage says NADA price on 1/1/2020. See below:

"Buyback," for purposes of Appendix A, Paragraph 18.j only, means the return of an Eligible Vehicle by an Eligible Owner to Defendants, in exchange for a payment that equals or exceeds the National Automobile Dealers Association ("NADA") Clean Retail value of the Eligible Vehicle (adjusted for options, mileage, and NADA region in accordance with the then-current NADA guide) as of January 1, 2020.

So, we'll see how this goes. The dealership was super helpful in getting me PDFs of all the service visits with drop off and pick up dates. Great service advisor (who I have become all too familiar with over the last 2 years).

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