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I am really pleased with the emissions test results that had to be done before I could get my Collector status on my car. She Passed! Once this is done and I get Collector status there will be no more requirement to ever have the testing done again, unless the car changes hands.

Here are the results:

Driving Test -

Hydrocarbons (ppm) - Max Allowable 270.00, Vehicle Reading 62.00, Average Passing 79.00
Carbon Monoxide (CO) % - Max Allowable 2.25, Vehicle Reading .79, Average Passing .67
Oxides on Nitrogen (NOx) ppm - Max Allowable 2611, Vehicle Reading 739, Average Passing 945

Idle Test -

Hydrocarbons (ppm) - Max Allowable 582, Vehicle Reading 50, Average Passing 102
Carbon Monoxide (CO) % - Max Allowable 4.58, Vehicle Reading .12, Average Passing 1.62

Thank God that's over! :bowdown:

I have taken all of the required photos, filled in the application, and now I am off to my Insurance Broker for submission, and then wait patiently for a week and hopefully I she gets approved. Will have to wait and see.

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