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people damaging your mercedes

I been a car broker for almost 10 years and i have never seen a car make like the s class being vandalised.

People say their emblems are gone..other say their mercedes sign is gone....last week some mutha fuc*** keyed my s500 all the way from front to back for no reason. The car was parked in a great neighborhood as well.

i have driven all kinds of cars cadillacs newer ls430...and i drive now a 2001 bmw 740i..and i never got any type of vandalisim. I got an s500 2 weeks ago and the car is already keyed twice.

what pisses me off most beside the cost to repair a big scratch (paint the 3 side panels) is that in virtually all cases, you can never catch the mutha f*** who is doing this.

The idea of hidden inner cameras inside the car has actually crossed my mind. lool
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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