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Electronic Question.. Door Buzzer?

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ive been doing some thinking about the buzzer heard when a door is ajar... first off, where is that device located in the 190E? but whats really been on my mind is if there is any possiblity that a newer device may be used in its place, so the annoying buzz is replaced with a more modern "bell", if you will.. take newer mercedes' or bmws for example. i just dont like that sound i guess...

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Yeah you can replace it with something newer. I dont know how to do it, but its been done before.
the buzzer is located on the back of the clocks

well it is on mine

it would be possable to replace it but you would be in risk of damaging your clocks
when u disconect it, thats if u do. measure how much voltage is applied to it when the doors open and post. thanks
On earlier models, the seat belt relay buzzer is located in the driver's side footwell.
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